wingraclaire (wingraclaire) wrote,

Time to say goodbye? Only to livejournal!

 I'm getting really fed up with livejournal.  I can complain more, but why not read about it here?  Currently I'm trying to decide whether to remain loyal to this site.... or try out some other sites...starting with blogger, which I use at school. Interestingly, PM has come to the same conclusion on her own.

Wouldn't you know, this is the first time in over a week I can even type into this blog!  Well, I'll just have to, look, it even let me upload a picture!  Does it sense the competition?  (This is some new kind of instant oatmeal my neighbor Mary gave me. Less packaging, fewer ingredients, and cheap. Doesn't taste so hot, though.)
It's my first few hours of spring break!  Which I celebrated by really getting wild, doing some homework, and then watching the first episode of (the new) Upstairs, Downstairs on Masterpiece Theatre!!!  Do I know how to live it up or what?
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