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And now a guest post from the magical land of Shangri-la

 Enjoy a peek into the world of Polo Marco!

Chinese Cats Eat Rice

Hello everyone, apologies for the long silence. This being March---and therefore anniversary of various Bad Things Happening in Western China--the internet quality this month has been sporadic and slow, which is detrimental to e-mailing and off-putting for attempting to blog. (See this article for more on China's internet these days.) I have also just gotten over having a bad case of flu this whole past week. And while 4 days of almost-total bed rest would seem condusive to wasn't. I did, however, read The Walk Across America: Part 1, by Peter Jenkins, in its entirety, and finished Chapter 1 (it was 15 pages!!) of 《许三观卖血记》, or Chronicles of a Blood Merchant, by Yu Hua. Much healthier these past few days and ready to move onto Walk Across America: Part 2, and Chapter 2 (only 2 pages!), respectively.

I wasn't too worried during this sickness, just feeling physically terrible. Colleagues taught my class for 3 days; I watched whoever and whatever passed outside the bedroom window; my waiban accompanied me to the hospital where they told me with great certainty that "probably I had the flu" and "maybe [I was] a little contagious," and proceeded to prescribe the entiry pantheon of antivirals, antibacterials, and herbal cough syrup. No, the real reason is because..... I have a kitten! A fierce, adorable little kitten named Zoe:

See how fierce he is?! um....yeah. (the basin is for me, to wash my face, etc., village-style, in the absence of still-not-running water.) Zoe even protects my computer sometimes:

A note about the name: this cat is Zoe, "Zo" for short. Which conveniently sounds like "dzo"---a yak-cow hybrid. So this xiao-mao 小猫 [cat] is now linked to mao-niu 牦牛 [yaks]. And it looks like s/he knows it!

Oh, and yes: Chinese cats really do eat rice. And it turns out that it's extraordinarily simple to buy a pig heart in Shangri-la.

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