wingraclaire (wingraclaire) wrote,

Mount Horeb Schools are closed and it isn't even snowing!

Madison public schools were closed today as teachers protested proposed cuts to public workers contracts, and the elimination of collective bargaining for the state's unions.  For the past two days, union members and supporters have flooded the state Capitol building and rallied all over the downtown area.  A went yesterday (he's a union member), and many Wingra staff participated - after school!  As a private school, we have no union.  (We also lack the benefits public school teachers receive, but whatever.)  So school was in session!  This evening, though, as news reports keep flooding my inbox, I see that not only are Madison schools closed for a second day, but also the rural ones are chiming in.  So tomorrow, with a predicted high of 45, will be another "snow day" for kids and a day for union members and friends to continue the protest..... and Wingra is talking about closing in solidarity.  As fate would have it, if we do close I won't even be around, having arranged months ago for a sub because I'll be attending a conference. Either way this is exciting and restores my faith in Wisconsinites, which was severely tried when someone (who?????) elected our new governor, the one who is pulling this stunt with our futures. Well, you can read more about it here.   Front page of NY Times!

No recipe to go with this news, I guess, but Viva la Lucha!  And I'll be following this from the North Dakota Study Group conference in Mundelein, Illinois, wherever that is!

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